IPaXiom Networks Products

IPaXiom Networks provides a complete range of powerful, versatile and reliable outdoor wireless broadband products for specialized point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications including high capacity backhaul and 4G Mobile Broadband access.

Our PTP solutions are ruggedized for 99.999% reliability to deliver exceptional performance at the most extreme temperatures and under the most difficult weather conditions. Our PTP networks deliver the speeds to support today's in-demand bandwidth-intensive solutions, including high-speed residential and business access, streaming video and VoIP

As mobile backhaul evolves to all-IP transport networks capable of handling the demanding capacity requirements of 4G, microwave technology is migrating from Time Division Mulitplexing (TDM) -based platforms to packet radio.

Our comprehensive suite of microwave transport products for access, aggregation and core, gives you the most efficient and flexible way to build your packet-based transport network as part of your preferred evolutionary path.

IPaXiom Networks offers you the smart networks which enhance the experience of your customers. We help you give your customers the ability to connect anytime, anywhere – to the people, places and services they want.

We will provide high-quality and cost-efficient network capacity and coverage. We can also support you as you prepare to meet the technologies of the future



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