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IPaXiom Networks offers a broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven, high capacity wireless backhaul solutions. Designed to enable wireless service providers as well as private and enterprise network users to deliver voice and premium data services, IPaXiom's solutions help to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce backhaul costs while facilitating the transition to next generation IP-based networks

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IPaXiom's market-proven wireless backhaul solutions facilitate all network migration scenarios - bringing backhaul networks to the next level

While Mobile operators are deploying 3G high capacity networks, the plans for LTE are already under way. The evolution of cellular networks towards higher capacities and newer air interface, creates a need for scalable backhaul networks. With the growing number of mobile users and high speed data services there is a dramatic escalation in the volumes of backhaul traffic.

Designing LTE-ready backhaul networks is not just about simple transport capacity upgrade. It is in fact about managing the entire lifecycle of the network's migration to 4G, while keeping revenue generating 2G and 3G profitable throughout the process.

  • Support for future expansion with scalability and flexibility
  • Maximum performance and resource utilization via spectrum efficiency
  • Carrier grade reliability and resiliency through advanced protection schemes
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with ultra-easy installation and maintenance
  • Seamless migration and coexistence with legacy networks using native Ethernet and native TDM
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