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IPaXiom Networks offers a broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven, high capacity wireless backhaul solutions. Designed to enable wireless service providers as well as private and enterprise network users to deliver voice and premium data services, IPaXiom's solutions help to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce backhaul costs while facilitating the transition to next generation IP-based networks

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IPaXiom's innovative wireless backhaul solutions for all-IP networks are designed to cost-effectively resolve the backhaul bottleneck while addressing network planning challenges.

With demands for high speed data services set to ramp up even further, service providers are making the shift to all-IP networks as the best and most economical solution for high-quality broadband wireless services. A robust high capacity backhaul network is a crucial component for these new wireless ecosystems. These future-focused 4G networks are designed to deliver the support end users' need for new bandwidth-hungry applications and rich media services.

  • Real time service delivery via ultra-low latency
  • Optimal support for IP services using native Ethernet
  • Service differentiation through built-in Quality of Service capabilities
  • Support high capacity for ever growing backhaul traffic via ultra-high bandwidths
  • Enables cost-efficient upgrades and supports future operational challenges via unique pay-as-you-grow step mode
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