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IPaXiom Networks offers a broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven, high capacity wireless backhaul solutions. Designed to enable wireless service providers as well as private and enterprise network users to deliver voice and premium data services, IPaXiom's solutions help to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce backhaul costs while facilitating the transition to next generation IP-based networks

LTE/4G Backhaul ->

IPaXiom's wireless backhaul solutions provide a reality-ready answer to the escalating demands of today's 4G networks.

LTE/4G and WiMAX are gaining momentum as more service providers and enterprises choose these technologies for wireless access. With “always-on” ubiquitous connectivity, broadband wireless services - both mobile and nomadic - have become a reality. These new bandwidth intensive rich media services demand high capacity backhauling at the 4G base stations.

  • Unmatched capacity for access and aggregation backhaul
  • Flexible network design by supporting multiple network topologies
  • Accelerates expansion and coverage with simple and fast deployment
  • Supports business case realization with scalable pay-as-you-grow capacity
  • Provides perfect-fit to the inherent 4G data architecture with Native Ethernet
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