IPaXiom Networks Solutions

IPaXiom Networks offers a broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven, high capacity wireless backhaul solutions. Designed to enable wireless service providers as well as private and enterprise network users to deliver voice and premium data services, IPaXiom's solutions help to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce backhaul costs while facilitating the transition to next generation IP-based networks

Next Generation Networks ->

IPaXiom's innovative wireless backhaul solutions for all-IP networks are designed to cost-effectively resolve the backhaul bottleneck while addressing network planning challenges.

Mobile Backhaul ->

IPaXiom's market-proven wireless backhaul solutions facilitate all network migration scenarios - bringing backhaul networks to the next level

LTE/4G Backhaul ->

IPaXiom's wireless backhaul solutions provide a reality-ready answer to the escalating demands of today's 4G networks.

Video Surveillance ->

Enhance public safety and security; protect employees, customers, property and vital assets, and improve operations with IPaXiom's Next Generation wireless solutions. Cover more area with more video surveillance cameras and get the highest quality video with fewer radios thanks to IPaXiom's Next Generation high capacity and extreme range

Enterprise & Private Networks ->

IPaXiom's carrier grade wireless performance extends high speed business services and high-speed Internet connectivity into areas where no fiber exists. IPaXiom Wireless solution lets you deliver fiber over-the-air performnace to all users quickly and cost effectively. Create your own private network to connect buildings, people and applications and reduce leased line expenses. Seamlessly connect local and remote sites thanks to IPaXiom's longest range, highest throughput and lowest latency wireless solutions.



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